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For sneakerheads, online shopping has been a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it makes actually getting a pair of shoes a much simpler task (if you can get past the bots). But on the other hand, you lose out on the ability to find that perfect fit for your feet. That’s where Neatsy comes in.


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Neatsy is a mobile app that uses AI machine learning to measure your feet and hook you up with the perfect pair of sneakers. Using just your phone’s camera, the app can scan your feet, look at things like width and arch, and tell you the perfect size for whichever sneaker you choose.

The app has support for several major brands, including Puma, Nike, Jordan, and Adidas, so you have a wide range of shoes to choose from. After just a few minutes of measuring, pick a pair of shoes and Neatsy tells you the perfect size for your feet.

We spoke with Neatsy founder Artem Semyanov about his inspiration for the app. Having created the machine learning company DPL Lab (acquired by Prisma Labs in 2016), Semyanov was always interested in business and data.

While there, Semyanov tells us that he became “tired of working with selfies and in 2019, [he] created Neatsy as a way to combine 3D scanning with the sneaker marketplace.”

Neatsy hopes to minimize returns on online shoe orders

Semyanov discovered that, even though buying shoes online can be convenient, it can lead to increased returns after many shoes just don’t seem to fit quite right. Neatsy looks to eliminate that hassle with its 3D measurements of your feet.

Working with Toloka for data labeling, Neatsy has built a database of more than 50,000 images to help its AI find the right size. The platform has now performed measurements on more than 40,000 people, and it says that the average return rate of sneakers for its users has decreased by 39 percent.

Neatsy is a pretty cool app that any sneakerhead, or anyone who buys sneakers online, can benefit from. The app is currently available on iOS, so you can go ahead and get your feet scanned so you won’t have to worry about what size sneakers to order any more.