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As a result of shortage of authentic app concepts, many may attempt to steal your app’s idea, and so, it’s extremely integral you attempt to defend it by all means. For that, you could know three vital phrases – Patent, Copyright, and Trademark. And right here’s a fast have a look at how they differ.


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A patent is an unique proper, granted by the federal government to the inventors of a course of or product. This proper provides the inventors the flexibility to legally sue anybody who makes use of, makes, copies, or sells their invention, with out their permission, for a restricted interval of years. Typically, a brand new technical answer to an issue or a novel approach of doing one thing is patentable.

A trademark is a phrase, image, phrase, or design that identifies or distinguishes the supply of companies or merchandise of 1 entity from these of others. This implies logos will assist in assuring prospects {that a} specific services or products can solely come from you and no person else.

Copyright, denoted by the image ©, protects authentic literary and creative works corresponding to pictures, books, music, software program and flicks. So, for those who create adverts as a part of your app advertising technique, you possibly can copyright them and restrict anyone else from utilizing it.