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The aggressive area of the Match-3 RPG style is presently dominated by Name of Antia, a free-to-play title developed and printed for the worldwide lots by FunPlus Video games. Gamers can get pleasure from new heroes, stability changes, and new occasions within the recreation with the seventh July replace that’s already reside in-game as we converse. Name of Antia is obtainable to be downloaded on each the Google Play Retailer and Apple App Retailer, boasting over 10 million downloads mixed on each platforms. The Match-3 RPG style sees the gamers battle in a puzzle-based gameplay system towards waves of enemies together with your collected heroes to accompany you in battle. Gamers can expertise thrilling fight mechanics, talent animations, and delightful art work for all heroes.


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The most recent replace for Name of Antia is already reside in-game because it was applied on seventh July 2022. Gamers can examine the official patch notes for the replace on the sport’s official Discord channel or in a short type on the official YouTube video posted by the builders. A brand new hero – Miranda has been added to the ever-growing roster of heroes in Name of Antia. Gamers can summon her from the “Treasure Island” summoning banner. Some hero stability modifications have additionally been made. Alliance Conflict has additionally seen some optimizations together with changes which have been made to the progress rewards. Let’s take a short have a look at all the brand new content material and modifications that had been made to the sport on seventh July 2022.

Treasure Island – Miranda, Bruno, and Belle

The heroes which are featured within the new Treasure Island summoning banner are Miranda, Bruno, and Belle. Out of the three heroes, solely Miranda is a 5-Star hero whereas Bruno and Belle are 4-Star heroes. Gamers can summon them on the restricted Treasure Island banner which can characteristic these 3 new heroes at a drop rate-up. Miranda is the latest hero being added to the sport. The charges stay the identical for the bottom rarity models however gamers can have the next likelihood of acquiring the three new heroes in the event that they summon a 5-Star/4-Star unit.


Miranda is a 5-Star Inexperienced Buff/Cleanse unit that has a excessive base HP of 2291 and a mean base assault of 1071. Her particular potential Deep Sea Terror is a single-targeted damaging talent that offers 357% of her Assault as injury to the enemy whereas growing the Assault of all inexperienced allies by 43% for 4 turns. Miranda additional cleanses all debuffs from all inexperienced allies. Miranda additionally acts like a converter as she will be able to convert 3 non-green Naya Stones to Ocean Spirit stones, additional amplifying the assault of allies by 20% if matched. Let’s check out Miranda’s talent and unique weapon impact intimately:

Deep Sea Terror – Offers injury to the goal enemy, will increase the Assault of all inexperienced allies, and cleanses all debuffs from them. Converts 3 non-Inexperienced Naya Stones to Ocean Spirit Stones, which will increase the Assault of all allies when matched.

Strands of Hatred (Unique Weapon) – Will increase injury dealt to a weaker factor by 35% (for Miranda, 70%) for 3 turns when casting a talent.


Bruno is a 4-Star Yellow elemental DPS/Attacker who has a low base assault of 888 however a excessive base HP of 1359. His particular potential Feast of the Sea Depths is a multi-targeted damaging potential. Let’s check out Bruno’s talent and unique weapon impact intimately:

Crimson Phantom – Offers 214% injury to the goal and enemies close by.

Offers 214% of further injury to the goal if its well being degree is beneath 50%.

  • degree 2: +14% to wreck, +14% to further injury
  • degree 3: +14% to wreck, +14% to further injury
  • degree 4: +14% to wreck, +14% to further injury
  • degree 5: +14% to wreck, +14% to further injury
  • degree 6: +14% to wreck, +14% to further injury
  • degree 7: +14% to wreck, +14% to further injury

Mild of the Sea Depths (Unique Weapon) – In the beginning of every flip, with a 33% likelihood, will increase the hero’s assault by 25% (for Bruno – by 38%) for two turns.


Belle is a 4-Star Purple elemental injury seller and debuffer unit with a low base assault of 712, excessive base HP of 1485, and common base Protection of 727. Her particular potential Prediction of Demise is a good steady hit injury dealing potential. Let’s check out Belle’s talent and unique weapon impact intimately:

Prediction of Demise – For 8 blows, it offers 240% injury to the enemy and places the Service provider’s Mark on him.

Service provider’s label: Offers 100% further injury after 5 strikes. Offers 50% further injury instantly after the impact is up to date.

  • degree 2: +16% to wreck
  • degree 3: +16% to wreck
  • degree 4: +16% to wreck
  • degree 5: +16% to wreck
  • degree 6: +16% to wreck
  • degree 7: +16% to wreck

Foresight (Unique Weapon) – Initially of every flip, has a 33% likelihood to extend Essential Likelihood. hit by 25% (for Belle – by 38%) for two turns.

Hero Optimizations

As per the character of the beast of the sport, Name of Antia shoulders a giant accountability to maintain the huge quantity of gamers pleased and content material with out letting go of the sensation of power-creep build-up the place new heroes are all the time deemed stronger and higher than the present ones. To unravel this disaster, the builders maintain releasing a bunch of hero optimizations for the heroes which are weak or too robust in numerous elements of the sport. For the replace on seventh July, only a few optimizations have taken place:

The heroes which are included are as follows:


Ability injury is adjusted to five hits, moreover will increase talent injury and additional injury

  • Ability injury: 176% -> 273%
  • Further injury: 35% -> 45%

Adjustment of passive impact: When casting a talent, if there may be greater than 1 enemy, offers further injury to all enemies for every further enemy.


Ability impact added: Offers injury to all enemies for 4 hits and reduces their Assault by 20% for 3 turns

Alliance Conflict Optimizations

Alliance Conflict has been the reply to lots of the questions requested by the gamers as the sport mode stands because the torch-barer for additional Alliance-related content material that’s in growth. Nonetheless, new modifications are constantly being added to the sport mode to maintain it contemporary and thrilling for all ranges of gamers.

Within the seventh July replace, we noticed some further optimizations for Alliance Conflict within the following method:

  • Ranging from July 7, the season system is canceled and the Alliance Conflict is not performed within the type of seasons. The brand new guidelines state that for each 9 rounds of Alliance Conflict, there might be a day for settlement, after which the Registration Section for the following spherical begins.
  • The Alliance Badges might be unable to be acquired via Alliance Conflict, however might be unlocked via reaching a required Alliance degree.
  • The rule for attracts in Alliance Conflict has been canceled. In case of Alliances with the identical variety of Conflict Trophies, the one who achieves the Trophies first wins.

Adjustments for matchmaking in Alliance Conflict:

  • Alliances ranked Silver will firstly be matched towards opponents in the identical Continent.
  • Alliances ranked Gold will firstly be matched towards opponents in the identical World.
  • Alliances ranked Diamond and better might be matched towards opponents Globally.

Normal Optimizations

The next are a number of the common optimizations which have been performed:

  • Optimized the rule for quitting an alliance. After leaving an alliance, Dragoneers should look forward to 8 hours earlier than they will be part of a brand new Alliance.
  • Optimized Day by day Missions. When a number of crates can be found, faucet any crate to say all crates.
  • Added plot dialogue when unlocking the Cosmos Hall for the primary time.
  • Optimized the weapon “Infinite Blade of Naya,” modified the title to “Infinite Gauntlet of Naya” to raised match the weapon description.
  • Optimized Valerie’s character animation.