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A new app works around the MacBook battery drain issue in macOS Monterey 12.2 which happens overnight due to a Bluetooth bug continually waking your notebook from sleep.


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How to fix MacBook battery drain in macOS 12.2 with FluTooth

The excessive, overnight MacBook battery drain in macOS 12.2 is a known bug.

Apple is currently testing macOS 12.3 but it’s unclear if the update fixes this annoying problem. It’s causing some MacBook notebooks with external Bluetooth peripherals to completely lose power overnight. This happens because a Bluetooth bug is constantly waking the computer from sleep, causing it to lose all battery power overnight.

One band-aid solution would require manually toggling Bluetooth off before putting the notebook to sleep only to re-enable Bluetooth when you wake the notebook. Such a workaround does indeed work—guaranteed—but isn’t very intuitive. Developer Jordi Bruin has solved this with a new macOS app, dubbed FluTooth.

It fixes that overnight MacBook battery drain by automatically disabling Bluetooth when the notebook goes to sleep, re-enabling it when it’s back online.

How to download FluTooth for Mac

Bruin says he created the app “in an attempt to solve the battery drain issues I was having.” Aside from the app, you’ll also need to install a pair of specially created shortcuts for the Shortcuts app that are needed for FluTooth to work properly.

FluTooth is free to use if you enter “$0” when downloading via the official website.

Should you find the app useful, however, you’re wholeheartedly recommended to consider donating a certain sum to the developer to acknowledge his work.

Why you should update your Mac to macOS 12.2 immediately

Aside from the annoying Bluetooth app, there are really no compelling reasons to stay away from macOS 12.2. Quite the contrary, macOS 12.2 appears to be an essential update from the security and privacy standpoints given the sheer number of bugs fixed in this release.

Look no further than a support document on the Apple website, which provides the full list of security patches in macOS Monterey 12.2. According to this list, macOS 12.2 patches no fewer than thirteen major security flaws in the Mac operating system, including the Safari web browsing leak and the Google ID account flaw.